Foxy Roxy Creations began in 2003 when I started making dog beds for my Yellow Lab, Roxy. Roxy was my agility team mate and has been my inspiration in taking the plunge into starting my own business. I started out very small, making crate pads for friends and fellow agility competitors. I soon found that there was a need for quality crate pads that are both durable and reasonably priced.  Although still a one person operation, the business continues to grow with new ideas and items. I have expanded from the original crate pads to include coats, x-pen and crate covers, martengale leashes and collars, as well as handmade toys, gift baskets and homemade treats. All are handcrafted with my own designs and patterns. I have standard size crate pads and coats, but also do custom work to your specifications for that hard to fit size and perfect fit. Although most of the business caters to all things canine, I also have a line of cat beds and toys along with  equine items, such as stall curtains and tack trunk covers.
Roxy has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but her legacy lives on in Foxy Roxy Creations. Thank you for your interest in Foxy Roxy Creations. If you have any questions, or would like a schedule of shows where I will be set up, please
email me at:  or call 315-806-1740.

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