Cat Toys  
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Catnip Pillows have just enough batting to give them body.  Made with the best gourmet catnip and come with either a bell or squeaker.  Your choice of animal print or solid fur, or print or marbled fabric. Large size is approx 4x6
$2.50 each                   6 or more $2.00 each                         

Lg $3.50 each              6 or more $3.00 each

With Velcro closure for refilling
$3.50 each                   6 or more $3.00 each                        

 - $4.25 each            6 or more $3.75 each
Catnip Snakes have a bell in the head and gourmet catnip throughout the head and body for hours of fun. Your choice of animal print or solid fur. 
$4.00 each  6 or more - $3.00 each

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Hours of fun with these catnip spiders made with gourmet catnip.  Spider has fiberfill and a bell for hours of fun for your cat.  Assorted fur patterns

$3.50 each
6 or more $3.00 each
Small - for 3/4" collars or less
$4.00 each  or  3 or more $3.25  

$4.50 each or 3 or more $4.00
Covers are about 5" in length
Choice of Fabrics -
Fabric Styles Available
Catnip Kick Toy - 8" Long
Gourmet Catnip

Hours of fun for your cat/s or kittens
Available in short or long fur (left) or fabrics (right)

Please specify fur or
Fabric Styles Available
Long Fur (not pictured)