Miscellaneous Items
Please email color choice where offered
Collar Covers slip easily over your dog or cats collar for the festive look. Available in small for collars up to 3/4" wide, and large for over 3/4". Covers come in sets of 3

Holiday I (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving)
Holiday 2(Valentine's, 4th of July, Halloween)
Seasonal (Spring, Summer, Fall)
Everyday (Assorted)

Holiday 1    small $5.00    (set of 3)     large $7.00       
Holiday 2    small $5.00    (set of 3)     large $7.00       
Seasonal    small $5.00    (set of 3)     large $7.00
Everyday    small $5.00    (set of 3)     large $7.00

Neck Cooler Scarves. Soak in cold water and tie around neck or head for hours of relief. Can be used over and over. Great for the heat of summer or any time you need to cool down. Several patterns and colors available: Flags, stars, dogs, floral, hearts, blue, green, or red marbled.

Neck Cooler Scarf  - $6.00  
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Tack trunk covers are made of cotton duckcloth or cordura nylon.  Custom made for the perfect fit.  Stall curtains available also, when ordering curtains please make sure to send the exact width and length. There will be a 2" hem at the bottom and top.